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Holiday Survive and Thrive Zoom Series

Holiday Survive and Thrive - Connection Trumps Conflict

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4 sessions - Wed Oct 30th, Thursdays Nov 7th, 14th, and 21st

Learning Objectives

  • self-management techniques needed for radiating calm 

  • methods for authentically connecting with conservatives

  • how to use your personal stories to maximize your influence

  • Facilitator best practices for great group conversations

    The Holiday Survive and Thrive Prep Course will help progressive and liberal leaning participants who are concerned about upcoming potentially difficult holiday encounters. Aimed at helping people navigate the polarization that disturbs 90 percent of all Americans, this four part, on-line seminar series will help people who have a vastly different take on today’s politics by giving participants best practices for how to make the attitude adjustments needed to center themselves so they can participate in conversations from a place of both integrity and compassion. The seminar series will give practical tips for how to approach conversations with conservatives in a way that dissipates defensiveness and creates a sense of connectedness. In addition, participants will learn cutting edge research about the best ways to use conservative moral frameworks to advocate for progressive positions. The learning arc of the series culminates with specific guidance about how to use mutual storytelling to maximize your chance of influencing other people. 


    1. Centering yourself, asking questions, and listening to others 

    2. Connecting to Conservatives: leveraging differences in moral frameworks and lifestyles

    3. Finding your personal stories that positively shift conversations

    4. Maximizing mutual dignity as well as and your potential persuasive power

Later Event: November 15
Connection Trumps Conflict