Building Individual and Organizational Capacity

A great strength of The Dialogue Company is its commitment to leaving our clients better off than when we first meet them. Our passionate commitment is to go beyond merely providing clients with top quality services, but to also transfer enough of our capacities to our clients so they can truly build upon what we have shown them and continue their development long after our provider/client relationship has ended.

We have done capacity building work in a number of areas of organizational and personal life; the consistent theme across our diverse projects is our focus on improving the dialogue that unlocks wisdom and leads to improved collaboration. We have trained Navy Chaplains in the skills of conflict transformation; we have taught families of academically underperforming teenagers about better teen-parent communication to create more success in school; we have given guidance to corporate affinity groups about how to better align organizational objectives and participant needs; we have taught university divisions how to create large-scale dialogues that engage hundreds of people in candid discussion about campus life. These are just a few examples.

Because we believe deeply in the power of healthy dialogue to create more successful people, organizations and communities, our capacity work typically focuses on refining analysis of challenges, strengthening communication, modifying organizational cultures, resolving obvious and subtle conflicts, and ensuring that decision-making is efficient and appropriately inclusive.

Some clients of our capacity building work have included:

  • Arlington Public School District

  • Vice Chancellor’s Office, University of California, Berkeley

  • University of North Carolina, Greensboro

  • Non-profit Center of the Midlands, Omaha Nebraska

  • Trinity College, Connecticut

  • Silicon Graphics Incorporated

  • Denison University