Read the Room for Real describes how recent developments in audience response technology can help meeting professionals transforming traditional speeches, meetings, and conferences into fully interactive and dynamic experiences. Targeted toward trainers, facilitators, and meeting planners, this book reveals the overlooked potential that easy to use interactivity has for making gatherings more enjoyable for participants and more valuable for clients. In addition to providing very practical hands-on guidance based on decades of experience using the technology, the book also discusses the larger philosophical issues that are raised by the new trend toward greater audience participation in meetings.
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  • In my speeches and trainings, how can I make sure my my audience is with me?
  • In my conferences, how can I make sure the attendees feel connected to each other?
  • In my workshops, how can make sure that the group is using all of is brainpower?
  • In the meetings I pay for, how can I make sure that my organization gets information it can use, not just a big bill for an experience that participants may or may not not remember?

Read the Room for Real answers these questions by explaining how meeting professionals can exploit recent technological advances to make gatherings both more enjoyable and productive. After reading, you will be able to use the newly accessible technology that can transform meeting audiences into participants. Knowing how to leverage the new interactivity will give you a competitive advantage over peers who are slow to apply the worldwide trend for greater participant voice and interactivity so every meetings merits praise.

"This is not just a book—it is a formula for community engagement that is transformative. If you use it you can change people and places."-Edward J. Blakely, Former Director of Recovery, City of New Orleans