The Deeper Impact of Keypads, Part 3

In the current draft, keypads are positioned as benefiting from keypads because they get usable information after the meeting that they can act on. This information might be of the evaluative sort – how meeting attendees felt about the meeting – or about issues of  more direct relevance to the on-going management of the group. And this is a significant value added. But I am wondering whether there is still something deeper for meeting sponsors. Just like with the presenters, there is an issue of intentionality that the capacity to poll the group raises. Because I can find out with good detail how the participants felt about the meeting or, more importantly, how they thought about the issues facing the group, I am pushed a little closer to asking myself the question: what am I trying to get out of this – or the next – meeting? Put differently, what is my intention with the meeting? The keypads allow me to know with some precision what impact the meeting is having on participants. Since I can ask this question, I almost have to ask myself, what is the goal here?