The White Ally Toolkit Project

powered by the wisdom and generosity of the Dialogue Company


Founding the project

Leading up to the 2016 election, Dr. Campt watched as the vitriol and divisiveness amped up on the national stage. As support for the “conservative” agenda rose alongside more openly racist language, he decided to address the need for allies to be more effective in confronting open racism. Using neuroscience research and best-practice methodology, the White Ally Toolkit was developed.

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Offering Workshops and Resources

.Since founding the project, Dr. Campt has offered scores of in-person workshops that include teaching the R.A.C.E. method of listening. He has also written an expansive guide that can be utilized by independent groups.


The Ally Movement

Allies from across America are engaging in thoughtful, grounded ways that are not only improving their effectiveness as allies, but also improving all their relationships. The materials have been repackaged as a Boot Camp, especially for spiritually grounded people.