Inclusion, Cultural Competence, and Social Equity

As society grows and diversifies, individuals and organizations are increasingly challenged to reexamine their long-term objectives and everyday behaviors in light of new complexities, including increasing inequities by income, race, and other factors. Both internally held values and market forces put pressure on organizations to pursue traditional organizational goals as well as social values such as greater inclusion, cultural competence, and equity. The Dialogue Company are nationally renowned experts on these issues, and have helped many clients grapple with them.

This help has taken many forms. Often, it is important to spend focused energy assessing the challenges around inclusion and cultural competence before embarking on any intervention. Depending on what the client needs, our work sometimes focuses on internal organizational issues of inclusion so that we help groups make sure that everyone is able to make their maximum contribution. In other cases, the challenge is more external, and in these cases our work centers on helping the client understand the interplay between internal and external policies that can be better influenced to create effective, sustainable, and equitable results.

Some of our clients in our work on inclusion, cultural competence, and social equity have included:

  • WK Kellogg Foundation

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation

  • The White House

  • Sodexo

  • The Emma Bowen Foundation

  • Zenith

  • United States Coast Guard

  • Richmond Memorial Health Foundation

  • Connecticut Health Foundation

  • Latham and Watkins, LLC

  • Michigan Planning Association