This is a note of appreciation for the work you performed on the CSU Dominguez Hills Diversity study. Our study of diversity and civic engagement on the campus was surely enhanced by your participation, your methodical approaches to research, in particular...Our Ability to conduct the survey of students on-line, benefited from your attention and expertise; I was also pleased to have you travel to the campus on several occasions to review the particular needs of this Institution. Your overall contribution to the written report, DVD segments, and analysis of the data was phenomenal!
— Dr. Iset Anuakan, Director WASC Diversity Research Team, California State University Dominguez Hills
Your efforts made it possible for my administration to undertake one of the greatest challenges of time: the effort to build One America in the 21st century. Your commitment to this important task’s help to move the country toward a stronger, more just, and more united America – an America that celebrates our differences while acknowledging the shared values that unite us.
— Bill Clinton, United States President
David’s work with USI was, without a doubt, the most powerful, constructive and insightful I have experienced. He does not shirk from the most difficult terrain, but consistently tackles it in ways that opens minds and creates solutions. David builds trust quickly, he organizes process in ways that ensures people are direct but not divisive, he surfaces and addresses the hardest subject matter with grace and diplomacy, and most importantly he gets people and organizations to next steps – which are concrete, achievable, and create momentum. This combination of skills are all, in my experience, exceptionally rare.
— Timothy Knowles, Executive Director, Center for Urban School Improvement, The University of Chicago
David’s warm style and engaging sense of humor helps transform an initial plenary gathering of loosely linked strangers into a session that serves both to build community and to prepare attendees for a collective journey. He has an uncommon gift of melding these high-tech devices with a personal style that is entertaining, intelligent, and puts people at ease. I most highly recommend his services to anyone organizing a conference.
— Sandy Hierbacher, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
Your expertise on the subjects of organizational change and diversity initiatives infused the program with an understanding and a direction that we would not likely have accomplished with facilitators less personally experienced in these topics. The framework and worksheets you provided were insightful and gave the group a structured way to identify needs, obstacles and strategies for reaching our goals. Your fine work, excellent planning and realistic scheduling resulted in an informative and smooth running workshop.
— Mary A. Bomar, Regional Director, National Park Service, US Department of Interior
His process is very refreshing and very respectful. It really is the next stage of community engagement. We have moved from “we aught to do something” to ‘what do we want to do, together?”
— Dr. Emily Janke, Director, Institute for Communicty and Economic Engagement, University of North Carolina Greensboro